The Pain and Spine Center is a pioneering medical center that was established specifically to relieve those who experience occasional or chronic pain, which may be due to various causes or conditions, such as back and neck pain, arthritic or osteoporosis pain, headache, trigeminal neuralgia, and sciatica. It is staffed by well-trained professionals with many years of experience in the treatment of pain and spinal disorders without the need of surgery. In special cases where surgery is ultimately deemed necessary, minimally invasive surgical techniques are proposed when indicated, leading to smaller incisions, less postoperative pain and lower cost compared to other traditional methods.

The Center was founded by Professor Vasilios A. Zerris after having accumulated many years of experience as Chief of Neurosurgery at one of the largest group of hospitals in the USA and the respective center he founded there.

Out of a variety of treatments, we indicatively mention epidural cortisone injections, cauterization of spinal joints sensory nerves with the use of radiofrequencies, dorsal implantation of a drug infusion pump, cortical brain stimulation, spinal cord stimulator placement, or transdermal rhizotomy.