The Headache Center at “Iaso” Hopsital was recently established to offer innovative treatments to those patients suffering from persistent chronic headaches who do not find relief through the usual treatment schemes.

Based on many years of experience gained in a respective Center in the USA, our surgical team identifies that subset of patients in whom the pain is due to the trapping-compression of certain nerves. These patients present with a distribution of discomforts in certain areas of the head and neck as well as specific points triggering their symptoms. In these patients, we are able to perform microsurgery (using a microscope) decompressing the nerve responsible for the headache with excellent results.

Depending on the distribution of the discomfort, we intervene either in the area above the eyebrows (supraorbital and supratrochlear nerve) the temple (zygomaticotemporal nerve) or the back of the head (occipital nerve). The nerve branches in question have mainly an aesthetic function and consequently surgery does not pose a functional problem. Patients leave the hospital the same day. Let it be noted that, outside the USA, the possibility of definitive surgical treatment for headaches is currently available in very few medical centers.